My Story

Hello Friends! Thank you for visiting my website and checking out my portfolio. A little about me...

My name is Bill Sayer. I grew up in a Colombian household (se habla Español) in Queens, NY.  I'm a graduate of Pratt Institute located in Brooklyn, NY.  I've been drawing scary critters and other strange stuff for as long as I can remember.  The films of Ridley Scott, and James Cameron were big cinematic influences on my work growing up.  I'm a dad, a business owner, and I'm blessed with warm friends. I've been living in beautiful Greenville, SC since 2011.  

I used to work on computer games and then left that industry to try some other things. The production art field has changed a great deal and I am humbled by all of the great talent I see out there right now. I hope to work in a creative field again, and I'm learning the current processes and techniques that are currently used in the industry (hey. you're never too old).  I love the world of concept art and illustration and enjoy looking at all the wonderful stuff out there. It is all so inspirational and drives me to push myself harder.